Thursday, 28 December 2017

What should I expect for my child's language development?

We like these guidelines:

Use of Language
18 months
Points to familiar and common objects on re quest
Understands  simple commands (e.g. Pick it up, fetch your shoes)
Uses at least 10 words meaningfully
Attempts imitation of  words and short phrases
Chatters nonsense to self with wide range of different sounds and intonations
Responds to other people e.g. answering questions
2 years
Shows body parts on request
Associates 2 nouns in a simple command (e.g. put the paper in the bin)
Spontaneous use of approx 50 words which can be understood by familiar adults
Starts conversations with others
2 1/5 years
 Understands simple short stories and conversations
Follows simple stories with  pictures
Combines 3 words
Begins to ask questions, use negatives and adjectives
Participates in  rhymes and songs
Carries on conversation for several turns
Responds to other peoples conversation

3 years
Selects objects pictures in relation to verb (which one do we wear?)
Understands common prepositions (in, on, under, behind)
4 to 5 word sentences which are intelligible to most people
Using plurals and past tenses, not always correctly
Asking what, where, who questions

4 years
Gives solutions to situations (what do you do when you are cold),
Identifies some colours, comparatives and superlatives (big, bigger, biggest)
Uses complete sentences
Asks ‘why’, ‘when’ and sometimes ‘how
Relates stories and simple sequences of events’
Enjoys jokes
Talks about own experiences
Assume adult  shares their knowledge 
5 Years
Follows a simple story without pictures
Asks meaning of abstract words
Size, shape, colour, quantity and position words used as aids to reasoning and understanding

Mastering irregular nouns and verbs (mice, men, drank, say)

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