Thursday, 16 January 2014

Tamworth Transition project update

Just a quick up-date about what we've been doing:

We have finished phase 1 of the project which was the consultation: we had  a stakeholder session, surveyed all the nurseries and primary schools and also parents about the current transitions and how we might improve on what is already happening.

As a result of the findings, we have planned:
  • Parent workshops at the children's centres to look at what they need to help their child do before starting nursery at 2/3 or school at 4 years.  This was felt to be useful by 75% of those asked
  • Parent information booklets to support these, produced in conjunction with local parents for think 2 children/3 year olds and one for school entry, as requested by 80%. They talked about the common concerns and how they can get over them
  • Training session for nursery staff in preparing for the language demands of school, as requested by 70% of nurseries
  • A Bear Hunt themed session in nurseries which will then be carried over into the school visits for those schools wanting to take part. This would satisfy the 70% who felt that a joint project between schools and feeder nurseries would be useful
Obviously we will be monitoring the results closely and evaluating each part.

Its a lovely project to run and hopefully the results will show it has been successful!

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