Monday, 10 June 2013

You think it's just bubbles.....but it's actually a fantastic tool for developing a child's language

In our Smart Talkers Pre-School Communication groups we use bubbles for several reasons to:
  • gain and sustain attention which  is important for all learning but especially learning language
  • gain eye contact which might be a problem for some children
  • copy words such as 'bubble', 'gone',' more', 'pretty', 'pop' or later 'that's a big one', 'I like the pretty bubbles'
  • create a  communication opportunity, so we pause to allow the child to request more at their own level i.e. could be by looking, pointing, saying bubbles or actually requesting verbally
  • teach concepts and vocabulary such as 'more', 'gone'
  • encourage  2 words together e.g. 'more bubbles', 'bubbles gone'. These 2 words are great 'pivot' words to help develop 2 words together as they allow so many other word combinations e.g. more jumping, more biscuit, more cuddles
  • cope with the end of an activity so they know where the bubbles activity fits in the class and that we will do them again next time
  • allow them to run off a little steam so we can re-focus more easily afterwards

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