Sunday, 19 May 2013

Building a business

It's a been a very busy week with 2 Saturdays worth of training as well. Last week was a set of speech and language therapists, a complimentery therapist and a sports massage therapist in Birmingham, this week was a set of child-minders in Surrey who wanted to increase their knowledge because they  were all concerned about children they look after. 

It has been fantastic to meet so many women who are working for themselves, striving to develop businesses where they are making a difference to clients/children but also making a living which will pay the mortgage.

I get a little fed up of hearing about today's teenagers wanting fame and fortune and a welfare society who would rather stay in bed than work. It's quite depressing almost every time the news comes on!

These women were a great reminder that there are still many intelligent, capable women who are prepared to work their backsides off!! It's been a pleasure and a privilege to have met them all.

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