Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Do you know about two year old's speech, language and communication?

If you are in the Stafford area and work with 0-3 year olds, you are welcome to attend some free training. 19th April 1pm - 3pm at Silkmore children's Centre. 
By the end of the session participants will:
  • be able to describe the development of speech, language and communication skills in children under 3 years
  • to be able to understand the processes of pre-verbal and early verbal development
  •  to be able to identify risk factors that impact on the development of communication skills
  • understand the role practitioners play in supporting speech, language and communication development in children aged 0-3 years
  • be able to gather information regarding any difficulties along with knowledge of when and where to refer
To book a place see Places are limited, so reserve your asap!