Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A busy few weeks........

I can't believe we are almost at the end of November, where did the time go? I have been too busy to regularly blog. What have we been doing in recent weeks?

Speech & ; Language Therapy

We have:

  •  had lots of new therapy clients most of whom have complex communication needs 
  • lots of lovely 'old' clients for therapy and review
  • Two new members of the team: Natasha Hallam and Georgina Deakin
  • Started to carry out a project in 8 schools in Lichfield to help narrow the gap between children with delayed speech, language and communication and their peers
  • Almost finished Chuckle Talkers with Chuckle Productions at Silkmore Children's Centre Stafford
  • Finished the tendering process for the county council (the worst job of all!)
  • written an article on tendering for ITP magazine
  • Written an article on verbal reasoning and behaviour for Nursery World


The Book 

The book, 'How to get your child ready for school' is finished and is being formatted. This is a book to help parents know what to do to help before school. I have long moaned about them teaching the alphabet and counting by rote, so this is my answer.

Smart Talkers Pre-School Groups

These are a series of groups for pre-schoolers which focus on communication.
  • A new team member Kirsty to help cope with 6 new  groups in Children's Centres in the Tamworth area
  • Interviewing again on Friday
  • Met with franchisees 
  • Smart Talkers Surrey and Smart Talkers Essex have exciting plans
  • Smart Talkers India are expanding to school aged children
  • Smart talkers Cambridge is on hold due to illness but she will be back with avengance!
  • We are planning an AGM training day for June next year


S &  L World; the global bulletin for SLT/P

This is an international quarterly publication for professionals in the speech therapy/pathology world. New issue out now www.slworldbulletin.com

Speech Therapy Activities website

This is a website we are developing with lots of information for parents. We will have free downloads with advice and help. We will also sell resources: so far we have  an auditory memory pack, an s -pack, a t-pack, a k-pack, an l-pack and a d-pack. These have all been tried and tested by clients. Meeting Andy at Devmac next week so will have more news then.

Training & Consultancy

We have a huge range of courses for parents and professionals. Ones this month include voice tips for teachers, which we ran throughout Staffordshire and An introduction to Signing. We are running the accredited under 5s Elklan training in January and have plans to run business development days across the UK from Spring see https://bookwhen.com/smalltalk or for the range of courses http://smalltalktraining.blogspot.co.uk/

Bits n bobs

We also help another training provider with their marketing and are producing the special edition of Independent talking Points for  ASLTIP. We have also made videos of signs and interviews about Baby Sign with Shelley from Little Signers Club.

Think that's about it.......  but the to-do list is still growing!! 


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  2. Very informative post indeed! I like your advice and it really helped me as my child is having Aspergers and he often finds difficulties in normal conversations. Speech therapy is quite essential for an aspie to improve his/her social skills. Cluas experts say that language and speech therapy is helpful in child’s development. Social development is quite essential to communicate with others.