Saturday, 17 September 2011

Have you heard of No Pens Wednesday?

This September the Hello theme is 'Back to school'. They're calling on every school to take part in a landmark event, No Pens Day Wednesday on Wednesday 28th September.

Schools will spend one day putting down their pens and focusing on speaking and listening. No Pens Day Wednesday is backed by Jean Gross, the Government's Communication Champion for Children, and other curriculum experts including Sir Jim Rose, Andrew Pollard, Mick Waters and Robin Alexander.

If the 28th September doesn't work for you, pick another day that suits. Sign up now to take part and you could win up to £1,500 of resources for your school.

How to run your No Pens Day Wednesday
Please click here to download the activity pack, which gives you guidance on how to run the day and other important information.

The activity pack refers to a number of additional downloads, which are available here:
Primary schools assembly template
Secondary schools assembly template
Sample staff meeting content
Ways of recording
Letter to parents
Press release
Photo call notice
Information on English as an additional language
Bring the Noise
Primary lesson plans and activity templates
For primary schools, we've developed a number of lesson plans and activity templates for you to use and adapt. Follow the links below to download:
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Activity templates
Secondary activity templates and plans
For secondary schools's we've developed a number of activity templates and lesson plans for you to use and adapt. Follow the links below to download:

Activity templates

Sign up now and you could win £1,500 of resources
Schools that take part in No Pens Day Wednesday could win up to £1,500 of resources. The Communication Trust will work with the winning schools to create prize packages that best meet their needs.

You've got to be in it to win it - so if you haven't already registerd for No Pens Day Wednesday, complete this form to register your interest. More information about the categories for the competition are in the activity pack.
Please click here to read the full terms and conditions.
Think about getting involved but need more information?By clicking here you can download a presentation to give you more information about No Pens Day Wednesday.
Please help the campaign by telling others about No Pens Day Wednesday
Pass this information onto your colleagues and friends or click here to download text that you can use for newsletters, website etc.
Or you can order copies of the No Pens Day Wednesday flyer here to share with your colleagues, friends and family.

We want to work with you to shout about your involvement in No Pens Day Wednesday to your local media. Press release and photo-call templates are available and a toolkit Bring the Noise advises you on how to make your story stand out from the crowd.

To discuss local media opportunities in detail, contact Laura Smith, Media and Campaign Manager on 020 7843 2519 or

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