Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Year of Communication or the Year of cuts for speech therapy?

While most people are applauding the King's Speech as being pro-speech therapy and great for our cause, I came across a quote from Gill George, from Unite:

"This is the year of The King's Speech, with the attendant publicity forspeech and language therapy. It's also the year in which we speech therapists across England lose our jobs. Most of us don't work with royalty. We work with ordinary people – stammerers, stroke patients, small children, adults with learning disabilities. Speech therapy services are now being destroyed, through NHS cuts, and cuts in education and children's centre funding. George VI went private; our millionaire politicians presumably do the same. Most of us don't have that luxury".

What do you feel about this? Let me know.......

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  1. Unfortunately these cuts are happening beyond the UK. In North America, speech and audiology is being cut to the bone.