Sunday, 3 October 2010

The power of the blog

I wasn't sure when someone suggested doing a blog. I couldn't see why the news section on my websites weren't sufficient. After all, I also added it onto both the Small Talk Speech Therapy and Smart Talkers Pre-School Groups Facebook pages. I didn't think I'd have time to blog with FaceBook and Twitter too, there are only so many hours in a day.

However, Ive just e-mailed the person who originally recommended it, Carol Garrington from Passionate Media*. I usually just do whatever she suggests, as she is an expert in her field and always knows what she's talking about. I've apologised for ignoring this part of her advice until June this year.

It's fantastic! Firstly, I've really enjoyed doing the blog. It's quite indulgent really, writing or reporting about topics about which I'm passionate. I can write whatever I want with the rider that its my own personal opinion, it's been great fun so far and has felt more like a hobby than work. Once I realised it could be graded, I wanted to make at least 50!

I've also had so much interaction from people I have observed from afar, experts in the field of speech, language and communication or child development. I have shared personal views with people for whom I have a great deal of admiration and respect.

It's a really effective way of reporting about what I feel are vital issues and letting people know what we're doing. I know we're carrying out fascinating, varied projects so its great to be able to tell the world.

By the world, I mean that literally. The blog has been the way I've come to the attention of international followers. Consequently, I have a lady from Singapore coming on Thursday to see my groups as she would like to have a  franchise in Singapore and a lady from Delhi who wants to be master franchisee for India.

I've tied it into Twitter and  Facebook to really maximise the social media marketing opportunity. So if anyone is thinking of blogging but can't see the value..... please see me!

*Carol Garrington runs courses on how to make social media marketing work for you

If you want to see example of how I tie it into Facebook and

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