Sunday, 4 March 2018

But she looks fine when she's here!

How many times have I heard this yet the parents KNOW their child is anxious?! Maybe they've had to drag them kicking and screaming into school, maybe the child has tried to self harm or attacks their parents on a regular basis. I saw this on twitter and it sums up how anxiety is not one thing. We don't always see it. A child can mask: hide their issues at school but all the time building the pressure til they get to the save haven of home or maybe just the carpark in some cases. It's called the 'delayed effect'.

It's not right just to say, 'it's parenting,' We need to listen, we need a team approach not 'them' vs 'us'.

Please help spread this word as it's a HUGE problem and children's mental health depends on more people being aware that anxiety does not have just one 'look'.

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