Thursday, 9 July 2015

Our new Speech, Language and Communication Centre is now open!

We are happy to have a new centre, to which families can come to see us from further away. We already have  families from West Yorkshire, North Wales, Sussex, Surrey and Buckinghamshire booked in. I've just taken  call from someone in France who wants to come too!

We will have an official opening ceremony soon but meantime here's a preview:

 Can you spot Ralph, the therapy dog waiting at the door. He's happy to welcome anyone but especially enjoys working with children with ASD and Selective Mutism. There's a safe place for him if you don't like dogs though.

 This is the reception area where you can wait with a coffee. There's toys and books for the children and magazines for the adults.
From reception you go through into the  therapist's room. Its full of toys but these can be screened off if they're too distracting.

This is the training room below but it's also a multi-purpose room as the tables fold away. We might use this room for very distractible younger ones or for older ones who don't want to be in a play-type room.

We are happy to see people from all over so please get in touch if you think there's anything we can help with.

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