Thursday, 16 July 2015

Myths and mis-information:tongue tie

  1. 'Tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) happens when the string of tissue under your baby's tongue (frenulum), which attaches her tongue to the floor of her mouth, is too short. If your baby has tongue-tie, her tongue can't move freely, and this can cause problems (NICE 2005a)'

  2. I had a conversation this week with teacher who was saying that a child should have had his tongue tie snipped ages ago because now its been done, he can talk. She attributed his recent progress to that fact. Trouble is, he wasn't saying anything but a  few single words before and had an understanding at around a single word level, aged 5.Therefore, it was a language issue and nothing to do with his tongue tie!
  3. I also saw a child today who had speech sound difficulties which had been attributed to a tongue tie.Trouble is, he has no word initial sounds and can say 't' and 'd' beautifully. Therefore, its a speech processing issue not the articulation problem of not being able to move his tongue. 
  4. I see a boy with a tongue tie who is silent ...but he has Selective Mutism so the tongue tie is irrelevant!
  5. The NHS website has lots of information but in essence, if it is severe enough to restrict the baby's ability to breast feed then its worth having it snipped but otherwise, there's probably no real point, in most cases. The movement required to successfully breast feed is more than enough to produce the placement necessary for speech sounds.

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