Thursday, 13 February 2014

Reasons, means and opportunities: choice making opportunities

Children will not develop language without a reason, a means and an opportunity. One of the best ways a parent can give the opportunity to communicate is by offering choices.

It sounds a really simple thing to do but it helps  children understand that they can use language to have an effect on the world around them. Once they see they can have an effect or see the power of using language to help them to get what they want, this is powerful motivation. A motivated child will communicate more and in turn learn more skills. Even children with no spoken language can be taught the power of choice making by pointing.

To help your child make more choices try the following ideas:
 Develop the habit of offering choices as often as you can,  wherever possible.    
Choices can include:
§  which piece of fruit eg apple or banana
§  Which drink to eat eg water or juice
§   which cup to use eg green or red
§  Which book to read eg Grufello or Squash and a Squeeze
§  Which DVD to watch
§  Which toy to play with. If toys are freely available they don't need to request one, if they're up high, they have to request so its better for developing communication. Unfortunately for communication development, nurseries have to allow free choice now so they don't always have the scope that you do at home.

This simple change can have a big effect! Try is today!

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  1. I am all for choices and I think children need to be able to make them now in preparation for when they are older. We cannot make decisions for them. Another benefit to getting them to speak.