Sunday, 27 January 2013

National Story-telling week

This week will mark National Storytelling Week. It’s the twelfth such annual event run by the Society for Storytelling. And it’s storytelling, note, not story reading which will be happening at events in schools, libraries, theatres, caf├ęs and other public spaces all week.  There are festivals and celebrations every day until and including 4 February. The impressive list of events is on the Society for Storytelling’s website.
We use stories every week in the all the Smart Talkers Pre-School groups to create discussion, help reasoning, work on attention and  and many other reasons.
In the Small Talker sessions we also introduce work on narrative with the magic jigsaw from Languageland and the Nursery Narrative Pack, both from Black Sheep Press. This is something that many, many children struggle with. We look at when the story happened, who was in it, where was it, what happened and what happened in the end.
We'd like to know what your favourite is....... please let us know!

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  1. There are so many great stories but I love sharing a shell as that teaches children about teamwork and sharing.