Monday, 22 October 2012

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!!! ITV, babies need parents not TV

How irresponsible of ITV Signed Stories to show a photograph of a 2 year month old baby with an ipad in his cot! (picture removed as they have now taken it down)

I was delighted when they began to do signed stories. Using sign with little ones can be useful for many reasons as we know but we also know (as Shelley Ensor of Little Signers Club points out):
1. Screen time for under 3's is not a great idea.
2. The wifi near this baby's head is dangerous.
3. Babies can't learn to communicate from TV, they need the stimulation of their parents speech and to be held too for bonding and attachment.
4. This is over-stimulation for a baby who will kick back with crying fits and not be able to settle. It provides a low-level stress which also can affect the baby's learning 
It shows a complete lack of understanding to promote their 'business' with such  a picture. Parents will see and think it's OK. Let me spell it out IT'S NOT!!!!

For the benefit if the misguided twit who put on the photograph, (that's the politest term I can think of):
  • Babies need the stimulation of human beings to develop language and communication.
  • These skills develop right from birth – attachment is vitally important for this area and early interaction skills are the foundation for future development (Routledge et al) 
  • These skills only develop through interacting with other people – one person responding to another.
  • The attachment to the significant carer that occurs around birth is the basis for communication development.
  • The amount and type of language used at home have an effect on children’s overall language development (Hart and Risley).
  • Good early communication sets the pattern for later childhood and adolescence.


  1. Hi Libby - Great article and I totally agree. I really was shocked to see such a picture - horrifying. We have signed with both our girls with Sing & Sign and have had amazing interaction because of it. If we ever watch the DVD we do so together and interact together. Misleading new parents into thinking it's ok to place a TV in your baby's cot because it has a signed story playing is irresponsible and totally misguided. Well said and best of luck with the growth of Little Signers Club x

  2. I agree. It is not okay. I think educational dvds for kids are okay though and so are some programmes. Nothing beats good old talking to your child and reading books with them. I did not see the image and quite glad I didn't.