Friday, 12 October 2012

Is it good parenting or good schooling that helps our children at school?

Good parenting is more important than good schooling in determining your child's academic results, says new research Trust, good communication and active involvement in a child's academic life 'can help them succeed more than sending them to a good school'

Youngsters do best when their parents help them with homework, emphasise the importance of education and attend school events, researchers found.

Children with supportive parents – even if they attend poor quality schools – tend to outperform pupils at good schools whose parents take little interest in their education.

 The findings prompted the researchers to warn that improving social mobility cannot be achieved only by ‘fixing’ the school system. 

Initiatives were also needed which aimed to enhance parents’ involvement.
What do  you think?

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  1. I think both are important. We need to be educating from both environments and hopefully saying the same thing!