Sunday, 18 March 2012

Autistic? They're all like rainman aren't they?

'People ask if my son is like rain man, or claim  that as they met one other autistic person who happened to like them they suddenly have a good way with all of them, its like saying " Oh one of my friends is chinese/white/black therefore all people of that race like me" 

I read the above with horror recently on 'A problem shared is a problem solved' Face book page where parents can share their own tales of ignorance and  stupidity or seek another parent's perspective my comment in response was my favourite saying, 'When you've met one person with ASD.... you have met one person withASD'.  

The Give Austism a chance campaign will hopefully spread the word to help educate the general public, have a look at their video:

The message is plain and simple..... just because someone has ASD does not mean they conform to a stereotype any more than all Englishman are the same or all women are the same!

We are quite unique at Small Talk due to our experience of working with children with ASD, we have one highly specialist SLT and two specialist SLTs.

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