Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More than words:Hello October

The Hello theme for October is 'more than just words'. Often people don't realise that Speech and language therapists work with people who don't talk or have little speech.  Check out where you will find  information on methods of communication which can be used to supplement the more usual methodsof speech and writing. These methods are called Augmentative and Alternative Communication, or AAC for short.

Communication Matters is a UK wide organisation and helps people of all ages and ability who need to use AAC.
They are supporting a range of exciting AAC events and activities across the UK, linked to the 'Hello'campaign in the National Year of Communication.
Communication Matters is leading a groundbreaking research project to gather evidence about theneed and provision of AAC, and is also involved in developing and publishing National Standards for AAC services. We have been in touch with the project co-ordinator and will be featuring the conclusions of this project in a future edition of S & L World:the global bulletin for SLT/SLP

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