Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What is the Hello campaign doing in August?

Fink Families - Join the Revolution

This August, the Hello campaign (the national year of communication) has launched Summer Talk
– a downloadable pack with games and activities that support families to encourage children’s
communication skills when they are out and about this Summer.

Summer Talk, available from, includes fun and ‘easy to do’ activities
for trips to the zoo, park and museum. It also contains games and challenges to keep kids
entertained on car journeys and at home.

Partners from across the country have provided the activities as part of their support of Hello.  One partner, Fink, has created a month‐long calendar of activities in support of the Hello August
theme of ‘Talk and Go’. This includes a free activity and conversation booklet for the summer
holidays, tips and expert blogs from the likes of parenting expert Sue Atkins all available from

Fink is run by mother of four, Lisa Warner who I met at the 2009 mumpreneur awards, and the company provides question cards to encourage conversation within the family to ensure children become confident communicators.   Alison Marrs, Professional Advisor for the Hello campaign, says; “This August is the perfect time for families to spend time together going out and about. At the Hello campaign, we know just how important family time is for children’s development.  “We want to support families to develop children’s communication skills when they are out and about. Summer Talk includes a range of games and activities that are fun and easy to do whilst at the same time encouraging children’s communication skills. A huge thank you to all of our partners for contributing their brilliant ideas and activities. ”

Lisa Warner, founder of Fink Cards, says; “Fink stands for Family Interaction Nurtures Kids and we
are on a mission to get people talking. We are delighted to partner with the Hello campaign as we
both believe passionately that communication is the key to a successful and happy life. For the
whole of August Fink will be supporting Hello with fantastic blogs from experts, tips, advice and
much much more.” Lisa gave me a set of cards back in 2009 and I've been using them for a variety of purposes both clinically and for fun.

During August, Fink are offering 50% of any order when HELLO is quoted online at

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  1. It sounds like a fab campaign and I have only jsut heard about it. Shame as it is now the end of August. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It is a great idea and there is some fantastic work associated with it, BUT it's not reached a wider audience so is preaching to the converted in many ways. It's for a year but we need to make huge changes to parenting (of which, as you know, communication is a huge part)so it will take much longer. Social messaging can take decades but can be powerful enough to change our habits (look at seat belt wearing, who would have thought we'd all automatically belt up 20 years ago?)I'm remaining hopeful the same changes can be made so we're all talking and listening to our children 20 years from now!