Sunday, 26 June 2011

Attention & Listening

I spend hours each day working on attention and listening. I cannot stress how important these skills are to learning and to language development. One of the nurseries I visit weekly (I wont say where!) really don't apprecitae this for example, one of the worst listeners in the group keeps wandering off or walking aawy mid-sentence. They keep saying how intelligent he is and cant see whats wrong with him being allowed to do this, but what is the point of being really bright if you cannot attend to a task? The Talking Point Website is excellent and has many resources I can use to help get the message across to them. This one is good:


  1. If only some of my students had learned this earlier! I teach teenagers and even the explicit use of their name with the instruction clearly stated leaves them saying "uh, dunno miss I wasn't listening"!!

  2. I like my chidlren to listen and look at me so I know they are kind of listening. I am not sure it all goes in unless of course I ask them to repeat back to me what I said. But looking is important to me as is standing still.