Monday, 2 May 2011

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Thank you to everyone who sent me such lovely comments about the second edition of the magazine. I am pleased with the design as well as the content but it's great to hear other people say it too. I actually only act as collator for the contributions from speech and language therapists/pathologists all over the world so can't take any credit for it ......well, I did write something small about blogging for this one as I'm obviously interested in that! 

We really need to get to know what's out there on the 'techno' side of our work and the articles from Barbra Fernades, Rebecca Bright, Tanya CoyleShareka BenthamDeb Taylor Tomarakos and Kimberley Murphy explain it very well.  

We must not forget the other contributions too from Adrienne Bamberger,  Chad Turingan and Stephanie Staples as well as an interview with Helen Barrett reviews, letters & more!
For those of you who have not yet done so, but would like to, the link is


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