Saturday, 16 April 2011

Talking Twins You Tube video

We all saw this but what did you think? Just cute or did it provoke discussion about whether twins have their own language?  

Some say the video captures the twin boys on the verge of language development, but that it’s more mimicry and  babble than real 'conversation'. Others believe that it an example of the unique language that twins are thought to develop. 
The video, posted on YouTube in February, comes from the blog, written by the boys’ mother, who doesn’t give her name, but does say that she is a twin herself. In the video, the boys, wearing only nappies and socks, strike up an animated and intense conversation. The video has attracted more than six million viewers and been featured on television morning shows.  I love the fact that it went viral!

It's a good example of developing language as they're using sounds, vowels, consonants and syllables to mimic words. The intonation pattern is interesting too so it sounds as if they are asking questions of each other as well as making statements.

Most toddlers go through the same phase of language development. What is different about twins is that they have someone to practise this stage with so it appears like a language of their own. Without a twin, the same stage is one sided, as the baby has only older siblings or parents and carers to practise with.

My younger sisters are twins and that's what initially sparked my interest in speech therapy, as it appeared that they had their own language. They had their own words for things e.g the knitted elephants they took to bed every night, were called 'Deece' (they still have them albeit very tatty, and call them that even at 42!). The slightly older one (by half an hour but it counts if you are that one!) interpreted for the younger one who didn't really need to talk to anyone else until much later.

However, it is just a myth. There is no such thing as twin language, you just have a partner to copy and to practise with.

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