Saturday, 5 March 2011

Speak Clearly Resources

As I was doing an in service training session last week, I was asked what materials I recommend. I  replied, 'Speak Clearly', so I thought share that with the blog readers too. They have been nominated for an award in the NASEN 2011 awards.
Speak Clearly Ltd bridges the gap between Speech and Language Therapy and schools/nurseries, giving clear, practical guidance about how to enhance speech and language development in busy classrooms.
Achieving high acclaim in primary and nursery settings across the UK, Naomi Mason’s specialist knowledge,  down-to earth-suggestions, cleverly designed teaching resources, and enthusiastic presentation style will refresh teachers and assistants alike.
So if you are passionate about identifying children's speech and language difficulties as early as possible, need workable strategies for helping these children within the contexts of a busy classroom, need help with a SENDIST tribunal,  or simply want to be more effective in improving speech and language skills across the board, trust in Naomi.
She hAs developed hundreds of refreshingly simple five-minute activities for teachers and their assistants to identify and help children who have Speech and Language difficulties or EAL. 
  • Create powerful and inspiring resources, packed with new ideas
  • Photo real artwork makes them suitable across all ages
  • Ideal for group activities and personalised learning
  • Presented on CD Rom, so can be shared across the school
Developed by Naomi Mason, eminent Speech and Language Therapist, then tried and tested by teachers across the UK, these resources are a vital addition to your Speech and Language toolbox. 
Simply print out the activity sheet (on A3 is best, but they work on A4 too)  – each one has everything you need on one side, and clear instructions on the back, making it even easier for busy teachers to implement these terrific strategies.
Each collection addresses a different speech or language skill, from early years right up to Year 6.
You can even use them on your whiteboard as a whole-class activity. 

I first met Naomi in 1988 when I started at Dudley HA, we've kept in touch since.

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