Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sad to say goodbye..... for now!

I've had to say goodbye to 2 groups of children this week. I've been working with them since January and had come to really look forwards to both groups.
The first one was at Stretton Springs Pre-School where we've been delivering Languageland for nursery. We've had a small core of children plus a rotation of others so they could all 'have a turn' on the magic carpet. The sessions were for the staff, mainly to help share a speech and language therapist's knowledge to add what to what they already know.
The other group was a set of 12 children from Pirehill First School and their parents. These were a bright, wriggly group who needed extra help with confidence, attention, listening and other simple skills so that they can achieve their potential. I used a languageland style approach here too with homework. Feedback was very good with all the parents feeling that they had learned something.
Languageland is a programme that has been developed over a 7 year period by Newcastle under Lyme PCT. It is demonstration training so that the SLT can show staff simple techniques to help in their own groups/classroom. It is available from Blacksheep Press with a  special offer at the moment
The good news is that I can still keep in touch with both places, as they have valued what we've done. I'll be doing further training for parents and staff at Stretton Springs and plan to run some pre-school groups for the up-coming intake at Pirehill, so that they are ready to listen and learn when they start school in September.

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