Thursday, 10 March 2011

Guidelines for contributors to S & L World:the global bulletin for SLT/SLP

S & L World welcomes letters, news items and features/articles
How to submit your contribution:  E-mail articles to Please  submit email as Word attachments, together with a brief biography and suggestions for visuals. If you are using quotations, identify the sources and give full information for references.

The proposed article could not have been published nor submitted to any other publication unless specifically agreed in advance with the editor. If your article is accepted, you might be asked to do revisions, where necessary to clarify something. But do not necessarily expect to be able to make any changes once the article has been submitted. The article may be edited and you are unlikely to be able to approve the final version.

If an article does not meet the guidelines or if the editor has been misled about the writing qualifications of the author or any other detail, S & L World is under no obligation to publish the article. 

Please write in an accessible style. 
·         Avoid jargon or abbreviations, or make sure they are  made clear
·         The idea is to share ideas and information and not be an academic forum (see the RCSLT International Bulletin if this is your intention). Academic articles need to be made accessible for the general readership i.e. SLT/SLPs from many different specialist areas plus other students and SLT/SLP Assistants.
·         Bibliographic references should be according to the Harvard Format - APA style.

By submitting an article, letter, feature or news item S & L World, the authors represent that their text and any illustrations comply with national and international copyright laws. S & L World will not be held responsible for any infringement of these.

The copyright of each article belongs jointly to the Bulletin and the author(s). This includes the style of commissioned and unsolicited articles as S & L World as copyright guidelines. Views expressed in Bulletin are not necessarily the official views of SMALL TALK LTD.

All rights of reproduction, translation and adaptation reserved for all countries. SMALL TALK LTD and employees accept no responsibility collectively or individually for the service of agencies or persons advertised or announced in the pages of this bulletin. The good faith with which S & L World publish offers no implied/implicit guarantee.

Please keep in mind that contributions are accepted on the basis that SMALL TALK LTD is granted the following rights:
• Rights of use in S & L World online.
• Non-exclusive electronic database rights, e.g. CD-Rom archives, internet, S & L World sites, online databases.
 S & L World normally permit re-printing, with due acknowledgement, but please contact the editor first.
Letters to the editor
A letter is the easiest way to let others know about your idea or opinion.
Letters are more effective if they are shorter, so a limit of 250 words is ideal with a focus of one concept or idea. The Editor reserves the right to cut to fit the space available. Please include your name, address, daytime phone number, your occupation and your area. The information (except telephone number and address) will be published unless specifically indicated.

News Items
S & L World is interested in printing information about any projects or research, pleas for help, awards or if you have held an interesting event in the news section. These items should be no more than 300 words (half page) but could be as short as 75 (quarter page).

Articles should be around 1,200 words in length, including references. You can include up to three tables, charts or photographs (see later). Longer contributions may be discussed with editor prior to submission. The minimum number of words for a one page feature is approx 600 words in length.
It is imperative that you have the right to use any photographic materiel and that written permission is obtained for any and all photographs specifically for on-line use. A high resolution JPEG file (300 dpi) is required. 
Please contact me with any queries or email or

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