Thursday, 10 February 2011

All good things must come to an end

We keep hearing about the demise of the Children's Centres but the truth is we don't really know what is going to happen yet. One thing is for certain, the needs that they addressed have not gone away and will still need massive input. Unfortunately, it is certain that the Community and Learning partnerships will cease to exist from the end of March. They are attempting to put action plans in place to keep the core services for another 12 months which I think it's a tall order for people who are not going to be around to see the outcome of their plans.

It was with great respect & admiration that I listened to Amanda Newbold, the C& LP co-ordinator from Lichfield on Monday afternoon. Instead of moaning about the end, regretting she couldn't do more or worrying about what she was going to do after April 1st, she has embraced the situation and wanted to celebrate the successes that they achieved. As she pointed out, they have 'had a ball', giving over a  million pounds to causes which have helped families and young children in the Lichfield area alone.

There have been great successes with the International Womens Groups, Bounce and Rhyme from the library services, a mobile skate park, young people's groups, family support.... and of course the projects that they have funded from Small Talk Speech and Language Therapy. We have done training with the child-minders, long-term Teeny Talker and Small Talker sessions, extra support for children with identified needs and signing sessions.

There was a lovely lunch and a surprise award ceremony. I was both gob smacked and delighted that we had one for 'outstanding' in the innovation category. I was going to show you a photograph of the award but as beautiful as it is, it's not a patch on this photo of the babies from my Baby Talk & Sign group!!

Aren't they gorgeous and aren't I lucky to have been able to work with lots of fantastic children and parents and then have an award as well!!!! I have really appreciated the opportunity to work in the Children's Centres and I know we have helped to make a difference.


  1. You seem to be a very positive person but do you have to see the best in everything? It's a bit annoying to those who of us who love to moan

  2. I'm a 'glass half full' kinda girl! Sorry if that irritates you, it's just the way I am!

  3. That's a good way to look at it.
    Kim Price

  4. There will be something else around the corner and someone else who will really appriectae what a fab job you do. Good luck Libby!

  5. Thank you Naomi. As it happens we have been included in most of the C & LPs 12month exit plan so we can continue for at least 12months in some areas. I will have to then pursuade the new commissioner of our value!