Saturday, 1 January 2011

Parents are you worried your child might have ASD?

Diagnosis of autism is a very serious issue and one which cannot be made lightly.  It requires a team- approach from suitably qualified and expert professionals including Highly Specialist Speech &Language  Therapists and Clinical Psychologists. These people are few and far between, hence the long wait for NHS appointments.  
Small Talk SLT can offer: 
·         A choice for parents who don’t want to wait 
·         An independent assessment of your child’s strengths and weaknesses with a differential diagnosis 
·         Expert, highly skilled, specialised professionals with many years expert experience  in the field 
·         Comprehensive, detailed analysis using both formal standardised tests and informal procedures 
·         Observations at home, school or nursery 
·         Full interviews with you and your child’s teaching staff 
·         No long waiting lists  
·         Full reports with the findings 
·         A feedback meeting with you detailing our findings and relevant 
  recommendations based on your child and family’s needs 
·         All in accordance with National Autism Plan for Children as drawn up by 
 the National Initiative for Autism Screening and Assessment (NIASA) 
·         Introductory inclusive price for all of the above of £1995.00 (payment 
 plans available) 

We can also offer further follow-up services if necessary or guide you to the  
appropriate National Health Service (NHS) and Education service. Having an 
independent assessment does not mean you have to opt out of the NHS 
systems. (geographical restrictions may apply)
For more information, please ring: 
0844 7045 888 or email:

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