Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Smart Talkers Training for franchisees

    I've just finished writing the distance learning course for Smart Talkers Pre-School groups. This means that franchisees can train at their own pace. It will be easier to come to Centrix House for a week but there are some who would prefer not to spend a week away from loved ones. It is actually for the international franchisees who start very soon. The training comprises:

  •    Normal speech, language & communication development
  •   The importance & development of play
  •         Vital components: attention, listening, information-carrying words,vocabulary, sentence structure, social interaction etc.
  •        What happens when things go wrong?
  •         Ways to encourage speech, language & communication development
  •         Basic functional signing 
  •         Group running
  •    Introduction to programmes
  •         Working with parents
  •    Legal necessities
  •         Book keeping & accounts
  •         Marketing & advertising
  •         Web site development
  •         Search engine optimisation
  •         Business planning
  •         Business development                  

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  1. Hi there

    wondering if I can access this learning I am from Australia, I have a son with SM and wondering if a lot of this information would be helpful for me to help him as he has a moderate - severe language delay.

    Thanks for your time

  2. Hi Kerry,
    I'll give it some thought as to how we could do some for non-franchisees. That would be great. Michael Jones is brilliant and one of the leading experts here in the UK. We're producing an international magazine and he's doing the lead feature.
    It is good that people are beginning to get a better understanding of SM but its a slow process.