Wednesday, 17 November 2010

S & L World: up-date

We've been working hard on the first edition of the on-line, global Bulletin. I've had the easier task of co-ordinating the articles, while Ray has had all the technical stuff to do for the layout and for the web-site. 

It will be quarterly with subscription payable via PayPal. It won't matter when you start the subscription as the programme always counts a year from the start date. To contribute to the magazine will require subscription after the first edition.

So far, its been a tremendously enjoyable job. I've been liaising with so many intelligent, passionate, proactive professionals in my own field. It's renewed my enthusiasm and reminded me what a fantastic job we have.

The great news is, we have all the contributions now apart from one, which is on its way. There is a high paediatric bias in the first issue but we'll make sure that this is addressed for the second one. We've got some great articles, news features, an interview with a therapist from UAE and a couple of letters already for the launch.

There are a couple of advertising spaces free so if you know a company who would like to take advantage of the extra special offers please ask them to get in touch.

We're giving away the first issue as advertising so watch this space!

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