Monday, 2 August 2010

The RCSLT 'Giving Voice' Campaign Key messages

Giving Voice Key Messages

Giving voice
With the financial climate hitting all areas of the economy the RCSLT realised the profession would be heading for a difficult period. As a result, we set in motion our Giving Voice campaign. 

Giving Voice will help us and speech and language therapy services demonstrate SLTs’ unique value to national and local decision makers, while showing evidence of their efficiency and value for money.
The RCSLT has defined four Giving Voice campaign messages, please click on each message to find out more.

Key Message 1:

Key Message 2:

Key Message 3:

Key Message 4:

  • Giving Voice will provide a strong platform to support national and local influencing as we move into more severe funding constraints across the public sector.
We need your help to make it a success. Remember, speech and language therapy transforms lives:pass it on.

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