Friday, 2 July 2010

'Signing is not recommended,' says the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists' Councillor for Research and Development

I'm very angry that  the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists have made a decision on a matter of importance without recognising ANY proper research or the views of members and their experiences on the subject. On this occasion it's Baby Signing coming under their radar. They have stated that the RCSLT does not recommend signing with babies despite decades of Speech & Language Therapists using it with children and families with very positive outcomes.

The RCSLT refute the evidence by Karen Pine and her team, from the university of Hertfordshire, who showed without doubt that it helps children from disadvantaged backgrounds. She doesn't make wild claims e.g.that it enhances IQ as some of the American studies, but makes valid and sensible conclusions from suitable regulated and professional research.

It is a fact that we need to hi-light and reinforce ANY and every positive communicative practise between parent and baby and its this which is so makes signing so powerful. If a parent is signing (and talking at the same time) they are more likely to be watching and listening to their child and being more aware of both their interaction and their child's response.  This should be praised and encouraged and not condemned.

It looks like I need to write to Nursery World with a case study proving that its very positive to use sign with your baby! I don't need the RCSLT's approval or their recognition to be confident that it works... I KNOW IT DOES as a parent who used it with her own children and as a fully qualified, very experienced professional. Watch this space!

P.S. Thank you RCSLT for publishing the article about me in this months Bulletin.... lol!

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