Monday, 21 June 2010

Independent in partnership

I've been asked by a local C & LP co-ordinator and Children's Centre Services Manager to prepare a bid to help develop the service available to pre-schoolers, We're looking at several projects which will really supplement and extend what's already available via the local NHS Speech Therapy Dept.
It will build upon last years IDP and will help hi-light training needs so we can then put together tailored packages. I cant say too much or it might jeapordise it but its a very exciting development.

We already work with several SLT departments with individual clients who have been referred to us by their parents. There is a protocol to follow so that we can work together most effectively. The standards are set by The Royal college of SLT and the Association of SLTs in Independent practise. It means that a child can have both an NHS Therapist and an independent one. For more on the speech therapy

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