Monday, 21 June 2010

Here goes....

I'm new to blogging but I think its another important step in helping to publicise the decline in children's speech, language and communication and what we can do about it. So many children today have identified difficulties:1 in 3 3 year olds and 'many, many more' have delays according to Jean Gross the Govt's Communication Tsar.
I set up Smart Talkers Pre-school groups to help address this problem. Initially we had just the Small Talkers group which was specifically to prepare children for school. These days they find it hard to attend and listen so when they start school they have to be taught to do this before they can really learn anything else. This makes it hard for the teacher and is a big shock to the child. We work on attention, listening, phonological awareness, vocabulary, receptive language, expressive language and social interaction using songs, games and puppets.
I'll let you know more about each of these areas soon as well as the other things we do at Smart Talkers and Small Talk Speech and language therapy.

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